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House.Flipper (2).rar

How to install a mod on ios?[First, you have to get Filza and Cydia if you don't have one of these go to the other guide above here.and second, you need the mega app you can download this one just in the app store.]Click on the link of the mod. On that website click on open with the mega app.In the mega app click on show content then click on the right upper corner(the share button).In that tab, you scroll to the right in the top layer of the apps and click on copy to Filza.Filza will open and you are in the folder Documents in there you will see a .rar file withthe same name as on the mega website and the mega appclick on that file there will be a new folder after you clicked it go into that folder.there will be the files from the mod.Click on the right upper corner and select the files.Click on the bottom of the screen replace the second option from the go to Filza and go back to the / tab.You can go back out of the folder by clicking on the arrow in the left upper corner.Then go to private.Then go into var.In var search for containers.Go to bundle.Application.Now search for BTD Battles folder.In there you should see BTD folder go into that.In the top is assets go into that.And in there you have your data.jet you need to change that with the modded one.Just swipe to the left on top of the data.jet file that is in the assets folder and click on delete now click in the left down corner to paste the new modded data.jet fileYou can bookmark this Assets folder just click on the star and click in there on the + and then just fill in a name at the top and click in the left upper corner

House.Flipper (2).rar


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