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Download Mikrotik Os Iso Freel

RouterOS is the first and original mikrotik operating system. It was released in 2005 as Mikrotik SwitchBox and was changed to RouterOS in 2007. RouterOS is basically a comprehensive router OS that supports lots of features, such as UPnP, PORT security, intelligent zones, SNMP OID conversion, nice Web UI, SNMP agent statistics, SNMP alarms and more, but the features that you most likely will use are UPnP and SNMP, because they are the most basic, important and common features for a router.

Download Mikrotik Os Iso Freel

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SwitchOS is an upgrade of the RouterOS. It was released in 2009 in conjunction with the acquisition of MikroTik and became the official OS for routers. It supports routing protocols, such as OSPFv3, BGP, RIP, LEAP, etc., but with a focus on mobility. It provides advanced mobility features like virtual mobility group support, Layer 2 based LLDP, Layer 3 mobility (3GPP support), Layer 3/4 mobility with IPv6 support, multiple static addresses, Layer 2/3/4 and Layer 7 security, multi-platform support, and more.

Other than those 3 operating systems, mikrotik provides several other operating systems that are not so relevant to the mikrotik product line. MikroOS, is the originally mikrotik kernel - the core of all MikroTik routers. MikroOS is an embedded GNU Linux based operating system. It is perfect for embedded devices and embedded software development, like scripts and applications. For a full listing of all products that are based on MikroOS, you can visit this page: which shows the list of mikrotik embedded systems.

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