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Musical Dracula Score.pdf

Whether considered to have successfully carved out a niche for himself or as suffering from the musical equivalent of type-casting, James Bernard is closely associated with the Hammer Horror films and particularly their Dracula series. He managed to give the same feel of unsettling foreboding yet strangely attractive power as also conveyed in the flesh by Christopher Lee in the title role. However Bernard's initial work in the film business was in a completely different direction and, along with Paul Dehn he shared an Oscar for "Best Writer" for the film "Seven Days to Noon" which was scored by the then up and coming composer John Addison.

Musical Dracula Score.pdf

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Outwardly the Hammer film company seems to have been quite a compact community of film makers and artists from the 1950s to the 1970s when it dominated the horror film market. The company's first major success was a film adaptation of Nigel Kneale's television serial Quatermass which was scored by James Bernard. This was followed quickly by a film sequel "Quatermass 2" also scored by Bernard, followed by a string of horror films, many starring Christopher Lee and/or Peter Cushing and other British acting talent. Behind the scenes James Bernard was one of those unsung heroes who helped to shape what we know as the essence of those Hammer movies. The company released many "Dracula" and several "Frankenstein" films as well as various other horror staples such as "The Mummy". Bernard became so closely associated with the musical sound-world of "Dracula" that he was asked to compose a new soundtrack to the original silent Dracula film "Nosferatu" dating from 1921 as shown as part of the Channel 4 Television series of Silent movies. Other films in this series for television used soundtracks commissioned from Carl Davis.

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