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The Twi'lek was later present at an emergency congregation of Jedi aboard the Mon Adapyne, a MC80B Star Cruiser attached to Admiral Kre'fey's fleet. Jedi Masters Durron and Sebatyne had received an urgent message from Luke Skywalker warning all Jedi that the Old Republic Jedi Vergere, who had as an apparent ally of the Yuuzhan Vong protected Jacen Solo while in captivity, had gone on the run and was to be captured and detained if encountered. As Kre'fey's forces were still preparing, along with the Jedi, to initiate attacks on poorly defended Yuuzhan Vong worlds, Rar and the others could not afford to put aside time to hunt for Vergere. Strikes were conducted at Gyndine, Nal Hutta, and Wayland, all Yuuzhan Vong occupied worlds, before Kre'fey led his forces into the Deep Core. There, on the moon of Ebaq 9, a secret New Republic base had been set up. The centerpiece of an elaborate trap conceived by the famed Admiral Ackbar, the base on Ebaq 9 had been rapidly constructed, and word of its construction deliberately leaked to the Yuuzhan Vong spy network. Defending Ebaq 9 were the forces of Agamarian General Keyan Farlander, along with Twins Suns Squadron. The Yuuzhan Vong arrived, as planned, and engaged this small defense force. Jacen Solo, on the bridge of the Ralroost, was alerted by Farlander's forces, and in turn informed Kre'fey that the time was right to strike.[6]

Once upon a Time in New York.rar

On departure from the main battle, however, the squadron was pursued by a large group of coralskippers. As they neared the station, Solo ordered Rar and her fellow pilots to jump to the outskirts of the system while she docked with the Golan and scouted it. When it emerged that the plan was unworkable due to the rapid approach of the coralskippers, Rar readied herself to fight once again; the Golan station's turbolaser batteries, thought inactive, then opened fire upon and destroyed the Yuuzhan Vong starfighters. Solo was hailed by the station's captain, Erli Prann, and docked inside the platform while Rar, Lowbacca and the rest of Twin Suns Squadron waited in space. Prann, however, was not interested in turning control of his prized, cloaked Golan II Battle Station over to the Galactic Alliance. Having used blasters to stun Solo, his crew fired ion cannons upon Twin Suns Squadron.[7]

Sekot recognized the fatal threat posed by Alpha Red and fired enormous columns of energy against the approaching Yuuzhan Vong as the space battle over the living world intensified. The Jedi fighters were overwhelmed, and Rar engaged in scores of dogfights with Yuuzhan Vong coralskippers, defending the planet's settlements and attempting to beat back the waves of attackers. Suddenly, all dozen Sekotan craft became sluggish and unresponsive. The planetary defenses stopped firing upon the Yuuzhan Vong, and waves of coralskippers and picket ships broke through to the surface. Durron and Horn believed that Alpha Red had already reached the planet and infected it; Rar and the rest of the Jedi could do nothing except leave their craft once the Sekotan vessels had landed on the planet.[22]

Eventually, a means by which the Twi'lek could escape Tenupe became apparent. Unbeknownst to Rar, Jagged Fel was also marooned on Tenupe, and his father, Soontir Fel, had dispatched a commercial search party to retrieve his son. Somehow, Rar came across the search team and killed all of them. The Twi'lek then appropriated their starship, and escaped the jungle planet sometime between 37 ABY and 38 ABY. By 40 ABY, the Twi'lek was ready to begin her hunt for Jacen Solo.[3] Alema Rar's reemergence was to coincide with dramatic developments on the galactic scene. After four years of peace following the conclusion of the Swarm War, conflict was brewing once again.[26]

While Rar was hiding in the Star Destroyer's Delta Hangar, she elected to stowaway aboard a starship, the Duracrud, once she observed Galactic Alliance agents sabotaging the vessel. Having witnessed the actions of the agents, she brought replacement parts on board before hiding. Soon a smuggler who had been working for Jacen Solo, Uran Lavint, boarded the Duracrud and departed the Anakin Solo, without realizing that the hyperdrive had been sabotaged on Solo's orders. Hoping to attain an ally in her quest to track down her target, Rar remained hidden until Lavint had made a jump, which left the Duracrud stranded in deep space due to the sabotage. Once Lavint had given up hope, Rar revealed herself to the incredulous woman and made it clear that in return for her help in fixing the hyperdrive, she would require the smuggler's services in locating her long time adversaries, Han and Leia Solo.

Days later, she communicated with Lavint for the last time, demanding the location of the Solos. The smuggler informed her that a meeting of Confederation leaders was taking place in the Gilatter system, at a resort satellite over the gas giant Gilatter VIII, and that the Solos would doubtlessly be present. Rar journeyed to the resort satellite, leaving the Duracrud in orbit above the station with a command code keyed into it, which at Rar's activation would trigger the YV-666's self-destructive dive into the resort satellite. Having set up this contingency, the mutilated Twi'lek infiltrated the station with ease, utilizing her Killik abilities to hide her presence. Soon after her arrival, a disguised Jacen Solo entered the resort's main chamber, hoping to eliminate the Confederation leaders. In fact, Gilatter VIII was a trap, and security forces converged upon Solo. Disappointed, Rar was on the point of leaving when she detected Organa Solo as well as Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker. With all of her targets about to arrive in one place, Rar triggered the Duracrud's final descent, before preparing to move out of her hiding place to attack her adversaries.[28]

In the belief that she was the successor to Lumiya's Sith designs, Rar worked quickly to ensure that the Jedi believed her to be Jade Skywalker's killer. The Twi'lek felt that it was now up to her to enable Solo to achieve his Sith rule of the galaxy. Already in Hapan space at the time of Jade Skywalker's death, she acquired the Sith Meditation Sphere, which proved willing at least to convey her to her destinations, even if the vessel's consciousness did not trust her. Rar traveled once again to Roqoo Depot. There, she engendered a confrontation with a freighter captain. When the man mocked Rar's disfigurements, she replicated all her deformities upon him and his crew, leaving enough evidence to allow the Jedi to pick up her trail. Sure enough, Rar sound became aware that Jaina Solo, Zekk and Jagged Fel had begun tracking her. From Roqoo Depot Rar journeyed to Ossus, in order to accrue more information on the Sith Meditation Sphere.[13]

When the Twi'lek reached the set of buildings which she had been told made up the Sith headquarters, she presented herself at the gate, with nothing but one of her poison darts to defend herself. A cloaked Togorian soon emerged and dragged Rar inside to a courtyard, promising her death for having found the Sith and demanding how she had come upon their hideout. The Twi'lek bought herself some time by referring to the datachip, but as the Togorian began to crush the air out of her lungs, she was forced to stab him in the leg with her dart. A woman spoke out and put an end to the fight, and Rar was surprised to find over thirty hooded figures watching from the courtyard balconies. Another unknown figure spoke to her from one of the balconies and appropriated the datachip with the Force when Rar presented it. In order to stop the Sith from killing her where she stood, Rar claimed to have been Lumiya's apprentice and, to gain their respect and prolong their attention, identified herself as the killer of Mara Jade Skywalker.[13]

The Twi'lek woman valued her physical beauty highly; even once her torso and limbs were scarred and damaged she took great pains to preserve her face.[9] Indeed, the injuries Rar suffered at the hands of Leia Organa Solo, which the Twi'lek felt had deprived her of the chance to be intimate with others, were a prime motivation for her revenge campaign.[10] The fallen Jedi Knight became obsessed by her wounds, punishing those who mocked her disfigurements and wishing to inflict similar injuries on others.[3][9] She became furious when she was mutilated further, such as on the Errant Venture at the hands of Fel.[28] Rar reveled in the chance to present herself in unscarred physical form by use of Vectivus' arcane phantom powers and, at the time of her death, wished to be remembered as she had been while she had possessed the physical beauty of which she had been so proud.[2]

Rar acquired other arcane and unique abilities during her lifetime. From Lomi Plo, she learned to develop an elusive Force presence, which enabled her to slip from the memories of those whom she encountered moments after departing.[3][28] This could affect strong-minded individuals such as Lando Calrissian[28] as well as entire groups of sentient beings, such as the Unu nest, although on the latter occasion Rar's power was augmented by that of the Gorog hive.[5] Jedi were able to resist the power, however. The Twi'lek was able to determine who retained their memory of her and who did not, as it was not an automatic occurrence.[28] She later developed the ability to conceal herself entirely in the Force[3][5] but gave her presence away occasionally through carelessness or through the emptiness in the Force the technique generated.[5]

By far the most esoteric of the abilities Rar learned was the Force phantom technique of Darth Vectivus. The Twi'lek studied Lumiya's notes on the technique and cast her first phantom shortly after the Battle of Kashyyyk. To do so, she had to draw on the extensive well of dark side power located in the Home. Although this first attempt left Rar exhausted for days, she gradually built up stamina with practice, and shortly before her death the Dark Jedi was conjuring numerous phantoms at the same time, fighting different opponents in separate locations. The ability enabled Rar to shed her physical form and travel the galaxy, before alighting upon a sentient being and using their life force to project phantoms of herself, which were under her direct control. On one occasion, Rar tapped into the energy of Allana, the daughter of Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka Djo, while the young girl was sleeping on the Star Destroyer Anakin Solo, despite the girl's strong Force potential.[2] In conjunction with the powers of the Sith Meditation Sphere, Rar was able to become proficient at the art of battle meditation.[9] 041b061a72

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