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The Eye of Reach is a powerful sniper rifle that fires a single shot up to a great range, but is highly inaccurate from hip fire. The Eye of Reach has a cartridge of 5 Shots that need to be reloaded at an Ammo Chest or an Armoury once empty. The Scope focuses the player's view in a manner similar to the Spyglass, causing the lens to reflect moonlight and sunlight, giving away your location from afar. The Eye of Reach has no traditional targeting reticle, but does have two lens cracks that intersect at the center, which can be used for targeting and aiming for precise shots. A single Eye of Reach shot does 70% damage to a Player, making just two precise hits enough to kill someone. As with the Flintlock the Eye of Reach's bullets also shoot at a slight arc, so aim repositioning is required to hit far-away targets. Basic Skeletons only take one shot to be killed, while Bounty Voyage and Skeleton Fort Skeletons require 1-3 shots to be killed. Athena's Fortune Voyage Skeletons take around 3-4 shots to be killed. 4 Eye of Reach shots are required to destroy a Sapphire Cursed Mermaid Statue.

soul calibur 2 reloaded crack

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