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Uncharted 1 Pc 'LINK'

The game is set mostly on an uncharted island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, somewhere off the coast of Peru. It becomes the major setting in the game after Nate and his allies have visited the two initial locations: Panama and the Amazon rainforest, which is home to an abandoned temple and a German U-boat.

Uncharted 1 pc

They took the map from Nate and prepared to kill him, but when Sully tried to intervene, Roman shot him instead, just moments before the U-Boat exploded (the result of a torpedo Nate accidentally triggered). Nate used the distraction to flee from Roman and Navarro and then ran into Elena, who delivered a firm punch to Nate's face for leaving her behind at the docks. After informing her of Sully's death, the two worked together to find a way out of the rainforest and escape the mercenaries. They escaped in Sully's seaplane and were en route to the uncharted island where the statue was believed to be.

Just got a steam deck and really thought hard about getting this game until I realized it was 50 bucks. And upon some further thought I decided that the uncharted collection would be way more satisfying on the hand held.

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